What kind of girl are you? Tougher than that.

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HAWKEYE #20 gutted me. 

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skyeward + [best of] looking at each other’s lips (requested by Anonymous)


but why didn’t we get to see more of domestic life on the bus?

  • skye using up all the water while showering because “come on guys, I haven’t had a proper shower in ages I lived in a van" and everyone complaining because they live on a bus and there is a limited water supply
  • fitzsimmons having saturday movie nights on their own at first because that’s what they always did but then people slowly start joining and it’s a weekly tradition after
  • chore charts where ward and may switch off for vacuuming duty because let’s be real they’re the only people who can lift and vacuum under the heavy furniture
  • fitz making modifications to the mop and vacuum because sometimes chores are too hard
  • simmons and may cooking together because apparently the only thing grant ward can cook is eggs and for fitz it’s bacon
  • sometimes coulson makes lunch and puts them in little paper bags with notes in them because sometimes his team needs some cheering up
  • everyone sharing books and it comes to may reading a trashy teen romance novel of skye’s
  • everyone playing monopoly and somehow ward and skye always win
  • someone hangs things up on the fridge and no one knows who it is but they sure did like ward’s puppy drawing
  • laundry getting mixed up depending on who did laundry that week but one time skye’s button downs got mixed with fitz’s buttons downs and even ward laughed
  • coulson taking pictures of happy family moments and simmons taking selfies every chance she gets and they get hung up on the fridge too
  • music tastes getting shared so eventually may has coulson’s classical, skye’s teen angst metal, fitz’s emo indie, simmons’s trashy pop, and grant’s classic rock songs on her ipod
  • and maybe when trip comes along and things have all settled down everyone discovers he has the best music taste and he still keeps his kindergarten graduation diploma in his suitcase and now he’s on the chore chart and on the fridge and in the ipod
  • T E A M B U S B E I N G A F A M I L Y



I love how he cocks his glock… that’s like such a turn on for her right there… and he knows it… he knows she likes when he’s badass…

and he is also flexing his muscles 

he is like “Oh, i know you like it Skye, don’t lie on me”